Stanza Discoveries

Stanza 2014 was a buzzing poetry festival; my favourite new discoveries were:
T J Dema a poet from Botswana with a reading style that is both compelling and hypnotic.

Listening to J O Morgan read from his long narrative poem, At Maldon , was an adult Jackanory moment. This work is a riff on a poem about a Viking/Anglo-Saxon battle in 991 AD. Morgan is a master storytller, he slowly builds the tension and renders the battle scenes in beautifully chilling detail.

New Writer Award Winners: Marion McCready and Kathrine Sowerby were outstanding at the Scottish Book Trust showcase event; both have surprising and fresh approaches to poetry and are names to look out for.

At the book market I fell in love with Stichill Marigold Press pamphlets. These are beautiful objects, essentially an artist’s books, made using traditional printing press methods. I purchased Twelve Sea Pictures and And For That Moment which is Leonard McDermid’s response to Edward Thomas’s Adlestrop.


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