Sykkel Saga

Sykkel Saga is a long poem about a cycle trip through the Arctic Circle in northern Norway. It is a journey through landscape, Norse mythology and the Norwegian language, exploring what draws us to a place, of distance and proximity in time and space, and of connections.  The pamphlet is being published by Mariscat Press next month and there’ll be launch at wonderful Lighthouse Bookshop in Edinburgh. It is ticketed (price redeemable against a pamphlet) and booking is advisable, you can book tickets here. There will also be a reading in Glasgow later in the year, and hopefully others.

‘Its strength lies in the precision of the language and its detailed observations, the nuanced depiction of the mode of transport and the alert and thoughtful responses to what is encountered en route, all of which have a persuasive freshness and flavour.’ Stewart Conn

If you’d like a review copy, please email me or Tweet me @VicHusband


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