The Saga continues

This fine object was designed and typeset by Dalrymple. I’m really pleased with the aesthetic choices and clean, stylish typography. The cover is a detail from an image aptly named ‘Kyst’ (coast) by artist Ben Woodhams. It is from a fascinating art project he undertook last year recording the coastline of the Danish island of Bornholm where he lives. There is an exhibition of work from this project on at Waterston House, Aberlady until 26th August, which I hope to go to.

The Lighthouse Bookshop in  Edinburgh still have a supply of Sykkel Saga, or if you live elsewhere the pamphlet can be bought from the publisher by sending a cheque for £6 payable to Mariscat Press, to: Mariscat Press, 10 Bell Place, Edinburgh EH3 5HT (no postal charge).

I intend to deposit a few copies in Tell it Slant in Glasgow; and hopefully I’ll be able to share dates of some more readings soon.


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